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What is hot shapers™ ?

Hot shapers is an amazing product made with Neotex smart fabric technology that helps you in achieving a perfect slim physique through sweating out extra fat from your body. The Hot shapers pants can be used for exercising or while performing your everyday exercises. The main aim for the same is to keep you warm, produce sweat and ultimately lose your weight.

What are the benefits of Hot Shaper?

The following are major benefits of Hot Shaper -

Hot ShapersHot shapers helps in maximizing your daily exercising routine.

Hot Shapers NeotexHelps in slimming down your waist, tummy and thighs.

Hot Shapers IndiaIncreases core temperature.

Best Hot ShapersImproves overall health.

What all will be included in product package?

Hot shapers product package contains -

1 Hot Shapers Power-Knee Pants (sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL)

What the washing instructions for Hot shapers neotex?

Hot shapers is made up of Neotex smart fabric that requires hand wash in cold water with soft detergent. After that, just squeeze out the excess water and drain. It is recommended to wash the slimming product after every use, especially after having an exercising routine wearing the same. Apart from hat, take care of following important things -

hot shapers neotexHand Wash 30°C

Hot ShapersDo Not Tumble Dry

Hot Shapers IndiaDo not bleach

HotShapers IndiaDo not iron

HotShapersDo not wring

Slim ProductDo not dry clean

Hot Shaper IndiaLine Dry / Hang Dry

Important Recommendations

Hot shaper is an impressive product that can help you lose weight even if your are not exercising. We will suggest you to wear it even if you are not working out. For better results wear it daily and complement it with healthy diet and good hydration.

How to order Hot shaper?

Hot Shapers IndiaFill in the order form available on our website and place your order. Once your request will be submitted, our executives will call you to get the confirmation for the same.

Hot ShapersYou can also call on the phone numbers provided on our website to directly place the order with our executives.